This endpoint allows you to get details about a user

Collection /user/:email

GET /User

Get a user's data by their email address

item value
Access system_key_only
Full url{email
verb GET
params string:email:the email address of the user in question

POST /User

Add a new user

  • string:organisation_id - The organisation you wish to invite this user to
  • string:first_name - The users given name
  • string:last_name - The users surname
  • string:email - The users email address. Each email address is only allowed a single buto account
  • OPTIONAL:string:user_type - The users type. Defaults to uploader. Valid values are uploader | standard | system
  • OPTIONAL:string:status - The account status. Defaults to invited. Valid values are invited | active
  • OPTIONAL:string:password - The users password, used to log into the control panel
  • OPTIONAL:string:invited_by_user_id - System users can override who invited the user to create a buto account
  • OPTIONAL:string:telephone_land - The users contact number

item value
Access Client Key (*Super User Only), System Key
Full url
verb POST
params string:organisation_id string:first_name string:last_name string:email string:telephone_land OPTIONAL:string:user_type OPTIONAL:string:status OPTIONAL:string:password OPTIONAL:string:invited_by_user_id

Example usage

curl -X POST -u API_KEY:x -d "organisation_id=Bbgwg&"


    "user_id": "Jq4Lj",
    "data": {
        "organisation_id": "Bbgwg",
        "first_name": "New",
        "last_name": "User",
        "email": "",
        "user_type": "uploader",
        "status": "invited",
        "time_created": "2016-02-12 12:47:32"

DELETE /User/:user_id

Delete a user

  • string:user_id - The id of the user in question

item value
Access system_key_only
Full url{user_id}
params string:user_id:the user id of the user in question

Example usage

curl -X DELETE -u API_KEY:x


  "user_id": "1w1w1",
  "deleted": true